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The SAAS (software as a service) model is currently changing the face of the software industry. With its E-mail solution, Visual Online offers its customers a modern electronic messaging solution without the customer having to invest in his own infrastructure. The customer benefits from a state of the art messaging service without needing to become an expert in the field.

Desktop/Mobile Sync with VO E-mail:

Support for a variety of syncing methods, including POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP, EAS, EWS and more, means you have the flexibility of using your preferred desktop or mobile client.



Cyren technologies coupled with Message Sniffer from Arm Research Labs provide greater anti-spam protection. Intelligent antispam scanners using collaborative learning technologies along with Cyren's Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) help to identify spam, scams, viruses, and other email malware before it hits your inbox!

Feature description:

  • Collaborative messaging:
    Live chat, private/shared calendar, private/shared address book, tasks, notes, shared files 
  • Instant messaging:
    Use your own XMPP instant messaging desktop client, like Adium or Digsby, or mobile clients, like IM+ and IMO, to have instant, secure and reliable access to anyone within your organization.
  • Security:
    SSL/TLS support for accessing your data. Real time antispam and antivirus filters ensure your messaging system is used appropriately. 
  • Delegated administration:
    This function enables you to manage your e-mail accounts yourself through a simple web interface. Creating, modifying and deleting e-mail accounts is no longer a problem.
  • Webmail:
    Access your e-mail, calendar, files, chat etc... through a modern Web interface which gives you a Desktop type interface in your web browser.
  • Mobility/Synchronization:
    CalDAV, CardDAV, EAS, EWS enable you to synchronize your calendar and address book with thousands of mobile phones.
  • Connected Services:
    Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive into webmail making file sharing a breeze.
  • Disposable Alias:
    Randomly generated address of a user’s current email acting as a timed alias.


Space per box 1 GB
POP/IMAP access included
Anti-Spam/virus included
Webmail included
Delegated administration included
Private calendar/address book included
Shared calendar/address book optional
Tasks / Notes included
CalDAV, CardDAV, EWS synchronization included
ActiveSync (EAS) synchronisation optional
Instant Messaging (XMPP) included
Connected Services included
Multi language support included
Disposable alias included
Price per mailbox 1, 2 2.10 € per month (VAT excluded)
25.00 € per year (VAT excluded)

Email options

Additional space (1 GB) 1, 2 2.00 € per month (VAT excluded)
24.00 € per year (VAT excluded)
ActiveSync (EAS) synchronisation 1, 2 2 € per month (VAT excluded)
24 € per year (VAT excluded)

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