Dedicated servers

The ultimate in power, performance, and control.

Dedicated servers consist of real hardware; there is no virtualization, just full access for you as a user. At Visual Online you get discount-priced dedicated servers as monthly leasing, for projects where the resources and flexibility of dedicated servers are needed.

The advantage of a dedicated root server opposed to a vServer (virtual server) is that your leased dedicated server is not shared with unknown users. The dedicated server resources are fully available to your applications. You can freely configure and administrate your dedicated server according to your needs. The ideal solution for larger businesses and high-traffic websites.

Dedicated Server Advantages

A server, a hardware system, a real machine …

  • Dedicated server as web server

    Rent your dedicated server now and utilize it as a web server for your website. Our dedicated servers are excellent for websites with a lot of content. The task of a Web Server is to output data such as HTML files, picture files or dynamic-generated files whose contents are constructed according to the users’ profile.

  • Dedicated server as database server

    The dedicated root server enables you to apply it as a database server, allowing data management services to be provided and supported software like MySQL enables a network based client server concept to be setup.

  • Dedicated server with Plesk Onyx (optional)

    Plesk is the admin tool for your business. Plesk allows you to easily set, create and manage web, FTP, database and mail servers.

  • Dedicated server with your favorite Linux or Windows OS

    Picking your favorite OS gives you the power to install and utilize the applications of your choice.

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  1. 1 VOS-S JIT H+4 - Response within 4 hours during office hours.
  2. Traffic included for free. If traffic exceeds 20 TB per month, VO reserves the right to limit the port to 100 MBit/sec.
  3. Price exclusive of VAT.
  4. E3-1200v2 or v5 depending on availability or demand
  5. DDR3 or DDR4 memory depending on availability or demand