Incredibly versatile

  • 69.00

As the latest addition to the FRITZ!Fon range, the FRITZ!Fon C4 offers a whole range of exciting features, with telephone calls in HD quality, numerous multimedia applications and Internet services, and music and Smart Home management making everyday use an enjoyable experience and delivering unbeatable entertainment.

  • Cordless telephone (DECT) for Internet and landline telephony
  • Perfect addition to all FRITZ!Box models with a DECT base station
  • Supports HD telephony for natural sound
  • Full-duplex hands-free function, speakerphone in HD quality
  • Secured with ex works voice encryption 

HD telephony for flawless sound quality

Crystal-clear phone conversations – the FRITZ!Fon C4 supports high-definition telephony for outstanding sound quality. With such natural acoustics, even long telephone calls are extremely enjoyable. 

Touch base

For unlimited use of the many features offered by the FRITZ!Fon C4 and the ability to add new ones, we recommend combining it with a FRITZ!Box featuring a DECT base station – a dream team in the world of telephony.


Stunning design

The ergonomic, illuminated keypad with message button and the high-resolution color display make the FRITZ!Fon child’s play to use. Weighing just 115 g, this slimline, lightweight device is easy to hold in your hand.

Versatile and easy to use

We set great store by user-friendliness and make your life as easy as possible. The FRITZ!Fon C4 has been specially designed so that you can benefit from the full range of features – whether telephony, multimedia applications, or Internet services.


Ready to use in the blink of an eye

The FRITZ!Fon C4 is ready to use in a few short steps: simply register it with the DECT base station and start making calls. You can conveniently store phone numbers and contacts either using the FRITZ!Box menu or on the FRITZ!Fon itself.

Secure calls

To make sure confidential conversations stay that way, the FRITZ!Fon C4 protects your calls with ex works voice encryption in line with the latest standards. This gives you extra security right from the start – without the need for any additional configuration.