Visual Online offers hosting facilities that satisfy the most demanding standards in terms of performance and security. Technology-based businesses need increasingly secure environments. Visual Online maintains its own datacenters and provides customers with bare or kitted-out facilities.


The high-availability architectures hosted at Visual Online are operated in three data centres linked by fibre optic cable. These data centres satisfy the highest security requirements to meet the most exacting industrial standards.

Internet connectivity

Our facilities are connected to an optical network with a redundant direct connection to the global backbone of many telecoms and Internet service providers.


To guarantee redundant access we use several redundant tier operators in BGP who guarantee us perfect interconnection on the main European exchange nodes.

Physical security

Physical security is ensured by an intrusion protected building and total access control.


Climate control

Our centres are equipped with air conditioning systems to regulate fresh air and ambient air humidity.


Electrical redundancy

Our Datacenters are powered by a fully stabilised, uninterruptible AC supply protected from outside interference. UPS ensure that the equipment in each bay receives a clean supply. Generators take over in a few seconds and support the architecture if the electricity supply fails. In addition to pro-active maintenance, the generators are regularly tested and powered up to ensure they function perfectly should they be needed.


Fire extinguishing equipment

Our centres are fitted with inert gas fire detection and extinguishing systems. The facilities have been designed to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.