VO Support - IPv6


Router configuration for IPv6

In order to participate in IPv6 tests, the customer should ideally have a basic understanding of TCP/IP and the following:

  1. Update your FritzBox router firmware by following the instructions on the following page: http://www.avm.de/en/Download/

  2. Open your Internet browser.

  3. Enter the address "http://fritz.box" or "". The FRITZ!Box interface is displayed.

  4. Click on "Settings" then on "Advanced Settings" then on "Internet".

  5. Click on "Account Information" and select the following options "Internet connection via DSL", "Use one Internet connection for all computers (router)" and "Account information required (PPP0E/PPPoA connection)"

  6. Select the IPv6 tab (only available after Firmware updated, see 1.) and activate IPv6 over DSL (unnumbered PPP)