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Simple, effective and affordable communication. An affordable alternative to Exchange

The SAAS (software as a service) model is currently changing the face of the software industry. With its E-Mail solution, Visual Online offers its customers a modern electronic messaging solution without the customer having to invest in his own infrastructure. The customer benefits from a state of the art messaging service without needing to become an expert in the field.

Synchronise your mobile phone with VO-E-mail.

Based on ActiveSync or SyncML synchronisation technology, you can synchronise your e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks with your mobile phone.

Why ActiveSync?

  • Low impact on your mobile phone battery
  • Bidirectional synchronisation
  • Optimised speed and compression
  • Large number of mobile phones supported

Commtouch technologies provide greater anti-spam protection.

Commtouch's RPD™ (Recurrent Pattern Detection™) technology automatically analyzes billions of transactions every week to identify every new spam, malware or zombie attack as soon as it is initiated.

Product: VO E-Mail
Space per box 500 MB
POP/IMAP access
Web 2.0 Webmail
Delegated administration
Private calendar/address book
Shared calendar/address book
Task list/notes
SyncML synchronisation
ActiveSync synchronisation
Outlook 2007 Sync (sharepoint)
Price: 1.65 € / month
Additional space (500 MB) 2,00 € / month
Sync. ActiveSync 1.60 € / month
Shared calendar/contacts/tasks 2,00 € / month / domain

service included
service optional

Description of functionality

  • Collaborative messaging:

    Private / shared calendar, private / shared address book, private / shared files
  • Security:

    Commtouch® real time antispam and antivirus filters ensure your messaging system is used appropriately. SSL/TLS supported for accessing your data.
  • Delegated administration:

    This function enables you to manage your e-mail accounts yourself through a simple web interface. Creating,modifying and deleting e-mail accounts is no longer a problem.
  • Webmail:

    Access your e-mail, calendar, etc. through a modern Ajax Web 2.0 interface which gives you an Outlook type interface in your web browser.
  • Mobility:

    SyncML and ActiveSync enable you to synchronise your calendar and address book with thousands of mobile phones.
  • Outlook synchronisation:

    Synchronise your e-mails, calendars, contacts, notes and task list with Outlook.

Further details

  • For further information about our VO E-Mail packages please contact our sales department by e-mail or by telephone on (+352) 42 44 11 - 91.


1 cost of registering domain names not included
2 all prices are exclusive of VAT