VOdsl Kombi: The complete Internet and telephone package

Up to 20 Meg connection for several computers and free services included for effortless surfing, checking your e-mail, creating your web space, etc. The VOdsl product range gives you all this and more.

VOdsl Kombi

VOdsl Kombi

service included
Vodsl Kombi*
Double Flat
Phone + Internet
50,67 € / month
Vodsl Kombi*
Double Flat
Phone + Internet
60,84 € / month
Vodsl Kombi*
Double Flat
Phone + Internet
80,73 € / month
VOdsl Kombi: Vodsl Kombi Surf* Vodsl Kombi Office* Vodsl Premium*
Download 8 Mbit/s 12 Mbit/s 20 MBit/s
Upload 512 Kbit/s 640 Kbit/s 768 Kbit/s
Monthly volume unlimited unlimited unlimited
Modem/router 0 € 0 € 0 €
e-mail (500MB) 4 4 4
.eu domain name free 1 1 1
.eu homepage free 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB
Telephone line subscription
Unlimited fixed line national telephone calls
Options Price
Installation kit 35 €
Installation by qualified technician 120 €
Static IP Address 25 € / month ex VAT (setup 95 € ex VAT)
  • Please visit our shop for information on various hardware options (router/WiFi/VoIP)


Further details

  • For further information about our VOdsl Kombi packages please contact our sales department by e-mail or by telephone on (+352) 42 44 11 - 91.

* Notes

1 The maximum possible speed is subject to the technical provisions of the network and the user's internal installation and so cannot be guaranteed.
2 Minimum contract term 12 months
3 P&T analogue or ISDN telephone connection required (existing or new) for any VOdsl connection
4 Free modem / router with every new VOdsl Kombi Surf/Office/Premium 24 month subscription with VoIP flat rate option
5 There is a supplement of 7,02 € on top of the VOdsl Kombi price for an ISDN connection
6 Flat rate telephone offer restricted to private customers
7 Unlimited fixed line national telephone calls excludes special numbers
8 Price including VAT
9 New VOdsl bandwidths will be commissioned between 15/01/2010 and 31/03/2010 (maximum possible speeds dependent on the technical limitations of your connection)