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Who we are

Founded in 1848, POST Luxembourg is the number one telecom operator in Luxembourg. The POST Luxembourg Group employs 3,457 persons, of which around 920 in Telecommunications. This makes it, in terms of employment, the 5th biggest company in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In 2008, the POST Luxembourg Group recorded a total turnover of more than 556 Million Euro and the Telecommunications Division a turnover of 349 Million Euro. POST Luxembourg is a financially sound and stable company. It has no debt and is profitable (after taxes, interest and D&A).

Despite fierce competition, POST Luxembourg managed to remain the operator with the biggest market share for the various Telecommunication services. For instance, POST Luxembourg's market share in Internet services is over 70%. In fixed voice services, POST Luxembourg has a market share of 85% and a population coverage of nearly 100%. The network digitalization rate is 100%. In GSM, through the POST Telecom network that has been in operation since 1993, POST Luxembourg has a market share of nearly 60%.

POST Luxembourg is present in different markets through its subsidiaries and partnerships. Its main subsidiaries, active on the Telecommunications market, are : POST Telecom (mobile operator), eBRC (Datacenter, Managed Services and resilience), Netcore (network integrator), P&T Consulting (information and communication technology consultancy), Visual Online (Internet services), Eltrona.

POST Luxembourg, the preferred fixed and mobile operator

Luxembourg has evolved into one of the leading financial centres in the world that resulted in exceptionally high requirements and expectations for POST Luxembourg. Today POST Luxembourg is the preferred fixed and mobile operator in the financial sector and the industry in Luxembourg. It is known for its high service availability and quality, its flexibility and best price-performance ratio. Being a relatively small company, POST Luxembourg is able to react swiftly and in a flexible way.

Due to the high number of internationally operating companies in Luxembourg that require internationalservices, POST Luxembourg has established a number of co-operations with various international operators. POST Luxembourg staff are continuously working on extending and improving cooperation in order to provide the best services.

Gaining the trust of its customers, POST Luxembourg recently won, for the third year running, the "Best Telecom Services Provider" award.

Main services

POST Subsidiaries and Partnerships

POST Luxembourg, leader in communication services for businesses with the most complete product range on the Luxembourgish market, is best placed to meet its customer requirements, offering them solutions that make life easier for them. POST Luxembourg has been a forerunner in hi-tech for many years and is constantly looking for ways to provide the best technical and commercial solutions to its customers. To achieve this, POST has diversified by adding external added-value activities to its portfolio through its subsidiaries.


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